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Riviera Stories, Section 1. Adam, One Afternoon; The Enchanted Garden; & A Goatherd at Luncheon

• In "Adam, One Afternoon", Maria-nunziata, a servant, sees the gardener, Libereso, in the garden.

• Libereso beckons Maria-nunziata outside, claiming to have a gift for her.

• Libereso tries to give Maria-nunziata amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects and worms.

• After Maria-nunziata returns to her work of washing dishes, Libereso appears outside the window claiming he has a present.

• In Maria-nunziata's absence, Libereso has placed various creepy-crawly things on each dish she has just washed.
• In "The Enchanted Garden", Giovannino and Serenella happen upon a beautiful garden.

• The children play in the garden, pick flowers, swim in the pool, and eat cake. However they cannot fully enjoy these activities as they are too afraid of being caught.

• The children peek in the windows of the house on the premises and see a little boy. They feel sorry for him...

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