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Sarai Walker
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 266-307.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is NOT a quality Soledad ascribes to girls named Jennifer when she is a young girl?
(a) They blend into the crowd.
(b) They are pretty.
(c) They have light skin.
(d) They have blue eyes.

2. Whom does Verena name as the woman who wrote that "It's more difficult to kill a phantom than a reality" (292)?
(a) Louise Erdrich.
(b) Eudora Welty.
(c) Virginia Woolf.
(d) Emily Dickinson.

3. What unexpected item does Marlowe bring to her meeting with Plum?
(a) A letter from Jennifer.
(b) A harp.
(c) A summons.
(d) A baby.

4. When Plum runs her hands over her stomach, about what object's absence does she rejoice?
(a) A series of stretch marks.
(b) A scar.
(c) A tattoo.
(d) A belly ring.

5. Plum says that her daily activities have kept her within what radius of her house for many years?
(a) A two-block radius.
(b) A one-mile radius.
(c) A five-block radius.
(d) A five-mile radius.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose idea had it been to give Plum a copy of Adventures in Dietland?

2. How does Plum afford such an expensive apartment in New York City?

3. What is stored in the room in which Plum discovers Julia?

4. What does Plum do with the letter from Austen Media that states the reason for her termination?

5. Which of Plum's post-weight-loss-surgery scars does Dr. Ahmad say will be the longest?

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