Objects & Places from Dietland

Sarai Walker
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Brightly-Colored Tights

These objects symbolize both individualism and intrigue. They are Leeta's primary identifying feature from Plum's perspective and they set her apart from other people in the crowd. These objects make it difficult for Leeta to remain hidden while spying on Plum, a task assigned to her by Julia prior to the narrative's beginning.


This object symbolizes the negative effects of putting one's life on hold until one day when a particular goal is reached. This object is full of items that Plum buys in order to be ready for the moment she becomes her future thin self, a persona she calls Alicia. Over the course of the narrative, though, Plum comes to understand how destructive and yet absurd her societally-driven behaviors are, including her ongoing collection of items kept in this object that do not physically work for her.

$20,000 Prize

This object represents altruism. Plum...

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