Daily Lessons for Teaching Dietland

Sarai Walker
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Lesson 1 (from “Rabbit Hole” and “Alicia & Plum”)


Students will analyze how an author brings together elements within the exposition stage of a plot arc to set up a complex world that will serve multiple functions as the narrative progresses.

Wanting to get right into the action of the story, the author of Dietland reveals only two pages into the novel that Plum, the main character, believes she is being followed by a mysterious young woman. The author's decision to launch right into the action requires that she also provide a very thorough exposition phase in order to educate the reader about Plum, her personality, her background, her living situation, her worldview, her feelings about herself and her body, and her upcoming plans for bariatric surgery. All of this information is crucial for the reader to know by the time Leeta, the mysterious young woman, leads Plum to become engaged with the feminist collective...

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