Dietland Fun Activities

Sarai Walker
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Create A Dual Diorama

Create a diorama depicting both Plum, the name representing the protagonist's identity at the start of the novel, and Alicia, the moniker symbolizing the person the protagonist feels herself to be by the end of the novel.

Research A Famous Feminist

Choose a famous advocate for the rights of women, such as Susan B. Anthony, Gloria Steinem, or Bell Hooks, and conduct an online investigation into your chosen person's life and works.

Write A Letter Suggesting A Change In Practice

Choose an issue related to feminism that you see as a current problem in your school or community and write a letter suggesting a change in practice. For instance, if your school has a different set of dress code rules for males than for females, write a letter to your superintendent explaining why this policy is unfair and providing specific steps that could be...

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