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Lee Child
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does General Johnson visit Webster in Chapter 18?
(a) To ask about Mac's work.
(b) To get a press release.
(c) To see if he wants to take on a new case.
(d) To discuss Holly's case.

2. Why does Reacher ask the kidnappers for a mattress in the van?
(a) To let Holly sleep on.
(b) To soften the ride.
(c) To block the sound.
(d) To sit on.

3. How does Mac know that the kidnappers value Holly's life?
(a) Because they wrote him a note saying that.
(b) Because she is still alive.
(c) Because they bought her a new crutch.
(d) Because they killed a kidnapper who tried to attack her.

4. Where do the two gunmen force Holly and Reacher when they first meet?
(a) Into a car.
(b) Down an alley.
(c) Behind a van.
(d) Into an office.

5. Where does the man go to make a phone call about the room within a room?
(a) In the woods.
(b) In a van.
(c) To an office building.
(d) Behind the building.

6. Why can't Reacher help Holly from his stall in Chapter 17?
(a) He can't see her.
(b) He can't hear her.
(c) He is too far away from her.
(d) Both his hands are handcuffed.

7. What does Mac retrieve from the dry cleaner Holly visited before she disappeared?
(a) Holly's bill.
(b) Holly's purse.
(c) Holly's dry cleaning.
(d) Security video footage.

8. What does Reacher tell Holly to do with her breakfast before they leave the barn for the van?
(a) Give it to him.
(b) Eat it.
(c) Send it back.
(d) Throw it.

9. Why does Brogan have FBI technicians take fingerprints off paint brushes?
(a) Because Mac told him to.
(b) Because the ransom notes are painted.
(c) Because the one kidnapper is a painter.
(d) Because the kidnappers painted their stolen van.

10. Why does Reacher agree to escape in Chapter 13?
(a) Because someone needs to contact the police.
(b) Because he is skilled in escaping.
(c) Because he wants out of the van.
(d) Because Holly asked him.

11. How does Paul 'Mac' McGrath feel when Holly doesn't show up for work?
(a) He is angry.
(b) He is concerned.
(c) He doesn't notice.
(d) He is humored.

12. What does Reacher do when he gets his dinner in Chapter 17?
(a) He tries to share with Holly.
(b) He doesn't get a dinner.
(c) He throws it at the kidnapper.
(d) He eats it all.

13. Why does Reacher repair the ring he broke in his horse stall?
(a) The kidnappers forced him to.
(b) So the kidnappers don't know he broke it.
(c) Because he feels bad about breaking it.
(d) Holly asked him to.

14. What is the problem with the picture of the driver of the van in Chapter 14?
(a) It's blurry.
(b) His face is turned.
(c) It's too dark.
(d) His face is covered by a hat.

15. Why doesn't Reacher escape after taking off his handcuffs?
(a) His foot is hurt.
(b) Holly can't escape with him.
(c) Someone is guarding the exit.
(d) It is too dark for Reacher to see.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many people does Mac ask to help run his investigation to find Holly?

2. After being handcuffed by the gunmen, how does Reacher take the handcuffs off?

3. What mistake does Reacher tell Holly the kidnappers made?

4. What about the burned sedan gives the FBI agents clues to what happened to Holly?

5. What does Holly do when she gets her dinner in Chapter 17?

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