Die Trying Short Essay - Answer Key

Lee Child
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1. Why does Reacher say he wants to get to know America?

Reacher says he wants to get to know America because he grew up on military bases and never really got to see the country.

2. What are Holly and Reacher doing when they are taken by the gunmen?

Reacher is helping Holly pick up her crutch when the gunmen take the two.

3. After Reacher and Holly have been taken into a van by the gunmen, what does Reacher think of the situation?

After they have been put in the van, Reacher assumes the gunmen have been watching Holly for a few weeks. He tells her it is her fault for having such a regular schedule.

4. What happens after a mysterious man demolishes a room in Chapters 1 and 2?

After the man demolishes a room, he begins to build a second wall within the room - making a room within a room. Once the job is done, the boss kill the workers and someone else puts a material between the two walls.

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