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Lee Child
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 31-34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Reacher escape after taking off his handcuffs?
(a) His foot is hurt.
(b) Someone is guarding the exit.
(c) It is too dark for Reacher to see.
(d) Holly can't escape with him.

2. How does Reacher break free from his handcuffs before Holly is raped?
(a) He uses a knife and fork.
(b) He hits the handcuffs with a rock.
(c) He pulls the metal ring out of the wood.
(d) He can fit his hand out of the cuff.

3. While in the white van, what mistake does Reacher say Holly made?
(a) Being stupid in her life.
(b) Being loud as she walked.
(c) Being obvious in her plans.
(d) Being regular in her habits.

4. Where does Reacher put the body of the kidnapper who tries to rape Holly?
(a) He buries him in a horse stall.
(b) Underneath the kidnapper's van.
(c) A mile away from the barn.
(d) In the bottom of a well.

5. While in the room within a room, why does Holly tell Reacher she can't share a bed with him?
(a) Because she is in love with someone else.
(b) Because she needs privacy.
(c) Because the bed isn't big enough.
(d) Because she is afraid of him.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Holly feel about her relationship with her father?

2. What punishment is Reacher given for killing the kidnapper?

3. After starting his own investigation, what worries Mac about Holly's case?

4. Where does Reacher believe the camp has a mole working?

5. What does the FBI find inside the electrician's stolen van?

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