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Lee Child
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 14-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 14, who does the commander have clean up blood?
(a) Women.
(b) Children.
(c) The carpenter.
(d) Kidnapping victims.

2. In Chapter 16, who does the undercover agent call?
(a) His children.
(b) His boss.
(c) His wife.
(d) Mac.

3. In Chapter 16, why does the commander tell the undercover agent to stop making phone calls?
(a) Because they are being monitored.
(b) Because they need to run away.
(c) Because he has work to do.
(d) Because his phone bill hasn't been paid.

4. What does Holly learn she has in common with Reacher in Chapter 15?
(a) They both play sports.
(b) They went to the same college.
(c) They are both only children.
(d) They were both army brats.

5. After being put in the white van, how long does Reacher think the men have been watching Holly?
(a) A few weeks.
(b) Over a year.
(c) A few days.
(d) A few months.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Reacher tell Holly to do with her breakfast before they leave the barn for the van?

2. Where does Holly Johnson work for the FBI?

3. Who is in the trunk of the burned luxury sedan?

4. Where does Mac decide to run his investigation to find Holly?

5. What does the employer threaten to do to the carpenter if he can escape the room within a room?

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