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Lee Child
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 31-34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who brings General Garber to the camp?
(a) Mac.
(b) Reacher.
(c) Johnson.
(d) Beau.

2. How does Reacher meet Holly?
(a) He helps her.
(b) She asks for directions
(c) She helps him.
(d) He asks for directions.

3. Why does Mac send a photograph of Reacher to the Pentagon?
(a) To try to identify him.
(b) To put it on file.
(c) It was an accident; Mac meant to send it elsewhere.
(d) To warn them.

4. How many dry cleaners does Mac find in the phone book?
(a) About ten.
(b) Only one.
(c) Over a dozen.
(d) Five.

5. When they stop for the night in Chapter 17, what do the kidnappers handcuff Reacher and Holly to?
(a) Locks on a barn door.
(b) Metal rings in a horse stall.
(c) Each other.
(d) The side of a pig trough.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Reacher escape after taking off his handcuffs?

2. What mistake does Reacher tell Holly the kidnappers made?

3. While in the room within a room, why does Holly tell Reacher she can't share a bed with him?

4. Why do the mysterious people make a room within a room?

5. Who intercepts the call about the room within a room?

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