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Lee Child
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 27-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 14, why is there blood the commander needs cleaned up?
(a) Because he cut himself.
(b) Because of a prank.
(c) Because of the dismembered carpenter.
(d) Because of an old crime scene.

2. What is the carpenter instructed to do to the room within a room?
(a) Make sure no one can escape.
(b) Make sure no one can get in.
(c) Make sure no noise can get out.
(d) Make sure no light can get in.

3. What do Brogan and Milosevic find near the dentist's house?
(a) A note.
(b) A broken gun.
(c) A set of handcuffs.
(d) A burned truck.

4. What does Beau do when he tells Reacher his mission is canceled?
(a) He locks Reacher in the room within a room.
(b) He beats Reacher.
(c) He kicks Reacher out of the camp.
(d) He offers Reacher money.

5. What does Holly ask when she and Reacher are taken to a clearing that is filled with wooden structures?
(a) She asks to go back in the van.
(b) She asks what is wrong with them.
(c) She asks when this will be over.
(d) She asks where she is.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mac assume Reacher is a kidnapper?

2. Who orders planes to fly above the camp for surveillance?

3. Why does General Johnson visit Webster in Chapter 18?

4. How many dry cleaners does Mac find in the phone book?

5. Why does Mac take the security footage to the tech department?

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