Objects & Places from Die Trying

Lee Child
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Dry Cleaning - This item leads to Reacher's kidnapping.

Crutch - This item helps Holly escape from her room at Beau's camp.

Dynamite - This item is put in the walls of the room within a room.

Old Barn - This is where Reacher and Holly spend the night, their first night on the road.

Horse Barn - This is where Reacher is able to break out of his stall to save Holly from being raped.

Borken's Camp - This place is located in an abandoned mine town.

Abandoned Courthouse - This is where the room within a room is located.

Abandoned Mine - This is where Beau stores his stolen military vehicles.

Borken's Pickup - Loder, Stevie, and Bell burn this piece of evidence.

Luxury Sedan - This is where the dentist's body is found.

White Panel Truck - This is what Beau makes a car...

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