Daily Lessons for Teaching Die Trying

Lee Child
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-7)


Even though Holly is kidnapped, her kidnappers feed her and provide her with her crutch. The objective of this lesson is to analyze what is foreshadowed by the kidnappers' behavior.


1) Class discussion: Why does Holly have a crutch? Why is it important for her to have her crutch? What do the gunmen do when they take Holly and Reacher? How do they act about bringing her crutch? While in the barn, how is Holly treated? When is she brought food? How do the kidnappers feel about feeding Holly? How else do the kidnappers seem to care for Holly?

2) Think-Pair-Share: Students will respond to the following prompt: Why do the kidnappers feed Holly and make sure she has her crutch? Students should share their answers with a partner and then combine their answers into one. Pairs will then share their response with the class.

3) Group work...

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