Die Trying Fun Activities

Lee Child
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Plan a birthday party for Holly. Who is invited? What gifts do they bring?

Personal Ad

Write a personal ad for Reacher. What qualities is he looking for in another person?


Create a postcard from someone in Beau's camp. Include an image of the camp and a personal note.


Make a map of Beau's camp.

Political Cartoon

Draw a political cartoon that reflects Beau's beliefs.

Police Blotter

Write short descriptions of the crimes that occur in this novel, such as those you see in local newspapers.

Wanted Poster

Make a wanted poster for one of the characters in this novel. Include an image, description, their crimes, and a reward.

Radio Show

Pretend you are the host of a radio show who is going to have one of the characters from this novel on your show. Make a list of interview questions you would like to...

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