Die Trying Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lee Child
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Chapters 1-7

• Reacher and Holly meet at random and are kidnapped by gunmen.

• Reacher and Holly are held in a barn; Reacher doesn't escape because Holly can't.

• Holly works for the FBI; Reacher assumes she has been followed for weeks.

• At the same time, a group of men build a room within a room.

Chapters 8-13

• Mac lies to his agents, saying Holly isn't lost.

• Mac assembles a small team to search for Holly.

• Reacher and Holly are put back in a van.

• Reacher points out all the things the kidnappers have done wrong.

• Mac sees security footage that shows Reacher grabbing Holly.

Chapters 14-16

• Mac finds out he can get a photo of the truck driver's face.

• Holly won't tell Reacher why kidnappers would want her.

• Holly learns about Reacher's past.

• Mac and his crew connect the burned sedan to a burned van.

Chapter 17

• The kidnappers nearly...

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