Objects & Places from Dictee

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
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France appears in Opening

This place was formerly divided into thirty-two provinces and eighty-six departments named after geographic features.

Novena appears in Opening

This is a series of prayers and a form of religious devotion over a nine-day period.

Japan appears in Clio

This country invades another nation and oppresses its people.

Korea appears in Clio

This place is invaded by another nation and many of its people are sent into exile.

MAH-UHM appears in Calliope

This spirit belongs in Korea and haunts one of the people in the book.

Language appears in Calliope

This is regulated to control and oppress people.

Manchuria appears in Calliope

People flee in exile to this place.

United States of America appears in Calliope

The Koreans of Hawaii appeal to this group via a letter.

Speech appears in Dictee

This concept appears as a theme in the book most often connected with...

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