Dictee Character Descriptions

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
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Unnamed appears in Dictee

This person may be representative of many others like him/her.

Narrator appears in Dictee

This person makes invocations at the beginning of the sections.

Hyung Soon Huo appears in Calliope

This person lives in exile in Manchuria for many years.

Young Girl appears in Polymnia

This person ventures to find a cure for a relative.

Yu Guan Soon appears in Clio

This young revolutionary who dies at age 17.

Young Woman appears in Polymnia

This person wears a white kerchief and apron as she fills two large jars.

Muses appear in Opening and throughout Dictee

The Opening invokes this group to tell the stories of the book.

Crazy Woman appears in Thalia

This person stares unblinkingly at another person's profile and stands in the doorway when the other leaves her at the gate.

Jesus appears in Opening and Erato

This person allows women to...

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