Dictee Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
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• The narrator returns home.

• The "Opening" describes the sensation of speaking.

• The narrator has a painful experience as she attempts to speak.

• The narrator begins recitation.
• The narrator begins by invoking the Muse.

• A French lesson begins.

• A series of translations follow.

• After the French lessons, the scene shifts to a Catholic Mass where a woman takes communion.

• The narrative returns to the lessons to conclude the section.
• The narrator fabricates sins for confession.

• A question and answer session begins, revealing tenets of the Catholic faith.

• The novena of the Immaculate Conception is announced, and nine days of nine prayers begin.

• The section ends with an invocation of the Lord.

Clio: History

• The narrator tells the reader that revolutionary Yu Guan Soon was born on March 15, 1903 and died October 20, 1920.

• The narrator invokes Joan of Arc three times and Ahn Joon Kun five times.

• The narrator laments the...

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