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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the outcome of the meeting with the music teacher concerning Maybeth?

2. What is it about Will Hawkin's character that Dicey considers as the topic for her paper?

3. What does Dicey conclude about her own standing in her class?

4. What does Dicey like to do for solitary relaxation each afternoon?

5. What is the message in the note from Maybeth's teacher?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dicey's surprise at being chosen as Mina's science class partner indicate about Dicey's frame of mind.

2. What is the effect on Dicey when she returns from a brief time out to learn the kids have gone to bed for the night?

3. What action does Gram take that signals maybe there is a chance for a stable future in Maryland?

4. Why does Dicey stop to listen to Jeff play the guitar and sing, but never says much or stays very long?

5. What does the reaction of Gram and Dicey to the suggestion of a tutor for Maybeth indicate?

6. Dicey relaxes in the yard a few days before school is to begin and thinks about the future. What thoughts are most troubling?

7. What is the impact on Dicey when James gets his job delivering newspapers?

8. What does Gram taking Dicey on the shopping trip indicate?

9. Why does Dicey begin the school year with a loner attitude and does not attempt to make any friends?

10. Why does Gram insist upon first telling only Dicey about what the teachers had to say?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While nervously awaiting in class the return of the essays by the English teacher, Dicey muses on the hypocrisy of school in general. Expand on the premise that school is supposed to be about learning and accumulating knowledge and wisdom, but in reality all that counts is a letter grade.

Essay Topic 2

Dicey and her siblings made a journey toward the unknown in their summer travels from Massachusetts to Maryland. Once settled and things seem to be known and working out, Gram reverses the journey going from Maryland to Massachusetts and this time not disclosing what is known. Discuss how the two scenarios are the same and how each differs concerning the impact on Dicey.

Essay Topic 3

A recurring theme is the opening up of oneself, letting others get to know you and enter in to your life. The opening up is a process of steps, not a single event. Discuss the author's techniques in using the characters of Jeff and Mina and the deliberate separate steps the process takes for Dicey.

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