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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What comment by Millie about a younger Gram seems strange to Dicey?
(a) Millie saw Gram very seldom after the marriage and she always seemed happy.
(b) Gram never spoke to Millie for years after the marriage to Tillerman.
(c) Millie hardly saw Gram over the years after marriage, then she got "queer".
(d) Millie saw Gram very seldom after the marriage and she never seemed happy.

2. What is the big change Dicey sees in herself since she and Gram left Maryland?
(a) Dicey allows Gram to take control despite her need to always be responsible.
(b) Dicey realizes she is now very much like Gram.
(c) Dicey senses she is drawing away from Gram in most ways.
(d) Dicey senses she is stronger than Gram and will have to lead the way.

3. What is Jeff's surprise question to Dicey as they walk from the school to the market?
(a) Jeff asks if Maybeth can come to his house to sing songs.
(b) Jeff asks Dicey to a school dance.
(c) Jeff asks if he can come to the farm to see her again Saturday.
(d) Jeff asks if Dicey can get him a job at the market.

4. What thought occurs to Dicey as she resumes washing the market windows?
(a) If you learn something, that does not mean you have to do it.
(b) She does not really need school, she would be happy with a little store.
(c) She needs to try harder in school so she can do more than wash windows.
(d) People in small towns are petty and self-absorbed.

5. What is it that gives Dicey the feeling she is always off balance?
(a) Balancing school, home chores and store work can be overwhelming.
(b) Maybeth's progress is always a distraction in Dicey's thoughts.
(c) Trying to follow the advice to hold on to people when she only has the two hands.
(d) James is growing up fast and strong to challenge Dicey at every turn.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dicey decide to spend her own money to buy?

2. What is Gram's reaction to the suggestion she is a social oddball?

3. What is clear to Dicey when see sees Momma?

4. What is Sammy's reaction when Jeff offers Dicey and Sammy a ride home in his car?

5. What is Dicey's reply to Jeff's surprise question?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dicey learn about herself as a result of the brief conversation with Miss Eversleigh outside the market?

2. What is it about Gram not telling Dicey any advance information about the trip to Boston or Momma's condition that shows Gram's state of mind?

3. The home economics teacher Miss Eversleigh gives a short speech about how important it is to know the life skills she is teaching in class. What is Dicey's reaction to the speech?

4. What does the English teacher comment about Dicey's essay that she refuses to respond to?

5. When the humiliation in the classroom ends, Dicey wordlessly takes her essay from the teacher and leaves the room without expressing her thoughts. What are Dicey's thoughts at that point?

6. What does Mr. Lingerle talk about during dinner that shows he truly is concerned about the Tillerman family?

7. Chapter 7 What is Gram's perspective on the essay, a point of view Dicey had not considered?

8. What does Dicey conclude when she first sees the failing home ec grade on her report card?

9. What happens as Mina and Dicey walk together toward the farm after Dicey's work at the market?

10. What family perspective concerning Momma occurs to Dicey as she does the Christmas shopping focused on each family member?

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