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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dicey go and do immediately after the conversation with Gram?
(a) She awakens James and tells him about the conversation.
(b) She calls Mina and thanks her for the support in class that day.
(c) She sits for two hours in her room thinking about Momma.
(d) She goes for a short walk in the salt marsh flats.

2. What does Mina offer as the reason Dicey would not cheat?
(a) Dicey would not bother to cheat because she does not care what others think.
(b) Dicey is too timid and cowardly to cheat.
(c) Dicey is part of one of the most honorable families in town.
(d) Dicey is so smart she does not need to cheat.

3. What is Jeff's surprise question to Dicey as they walk from the school to the market?
(a) Jeff asks if he can come to the farm to see her again Saturday.
(b) Jeff asks Dicey to a school dance.
(c) Jeff asks if Maybeth can come to his house to sing songs.
(d) Jeff asks if Dicey can get him a job at the market.

4. What is the class reaction when Mr. Chappelle concludes reading Mina's essay?
(a) Laughter and comments of praise.
(b) No one seems to be paying attention.
(c) Uncomfortable silence followed by random speaking out.
(d) Impatience about getting all the essays passed out.

5. As Dicey concludes talking with the man, what decision does she make?
(a) Dicey cannot spend the remainder of Gram's money.
(b) Liza would enjoy all the wood carvings in the shop.
(c) The man at the glass case is not easy to like.
(d) Liza is coming home with Dicey and Gram.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gram explain about herself and her advice?

2. What does James offer as proof that Maybeth is making progress?

3. What is Millie's reaction to singing and guitar playing in the store?

4. What is it that gives Dicey the feeling she is always off balance?

5. What are the feelings Dicey gets when shopping that she wants Gram to also experience?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Jeff shows up uninvited at the barn, what does the conclusion of the day indicate about Dicey's progress.

2. Chapter 7 What is Gram's perspective on the essay, a point of view Dicey had not considered?

3. What family perspective concerning Momma occurs to Dicey as she does the Christmas shopping focused on each family member?

4. What happens as Mina and Dicey walk together toward the farm after Dicey's work at the market?

5. Mina rises to Dicey's defense for two reasons, one of which is she personally likes Dicey. What is the other reason?

6. When Dicey reflects on all that has happened in two days with the quick departure to Boston and all the activity once there, what does dicey realize about herself?

7. What does Gram tell Dicey about life when she hears about how Mina defended Dicey in front of the teacher and the class.

8. What does the English teacher comment about Dicey's essay that she refuses to respond to?

9. When the humiliation in the classroom ends, Dicey wordlessly takes her essay from the teacher and leaves the room without expressing her thoughts. What are Dicey's thoughts at that point?

10. What does Dicey immediately do the same night Gram gives the advice about letting others help.

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