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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gram's reaction to the offer of a ride to town for her and Dicey?
(a) Gram is not pleased because she does not like to be helped.
(b) Gram smiles and gratefully accepts the offer.
(c) Gram becomes a little weepy and sniffles because of the kindness.
(d) Gram declines the offer and insists the boat will do fine.

2. What does James think might be the root of Maybeth's reading troubles?
(a) Lack of imagination to visualize what is read.
(b) Inability to relate to the material that is read.
(c) Self-induced stress created by fear of failure.
(d) Emotional troubles that blocked early learning skills.

3. What is the new home economics topic that Dicey dislikes just the same as the apron project?
(a) Stenciling.
(b) Sterilization.
(c) Quilting.
(d) Nutrition.

4. Who is softly playing at the piano keys after dinner trying to harmonize a song tune?
(a) Maybeth.
(b) James.
(c) Dicey.
(d) Gram.

5. Why does Dicey not want Sammy to help with scraping the boat?
(a) Dicey wants the time and the boat to herself, not to share.
(b) Dicey is the only person that knows how and she does not want to instruct.
(c) Sammy is too needy and will want to help every day.
(d) Sammy is too easily distracted and careless.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does James say about fitting in at the new school?

2. As they discuss school, what trait about James does Dicey remind herself ?

3. What is James' first reaction to Maybeth's plight?

4. What is it about the changed circumstances that has brought each of the kids to insecurity and doubt?

5. During lunch at the mall, what does Gram report was the teacher's review of James?

Short Essay Questions

1. What action does Gram take that compromises her long held principles but demonstrates her willingness to do what needs to be done?

2. Gram receives along letter from the doctor in Boston about Momma's condition. What are Dicey's thoughts when Gram tells her that there has been no change in Momma's condition?

3. What does Dicey's decision about Maybeth's music lesson cost indicate?

4. What is the impact on Gram's life now that the children have settled in at the farm?

5. What does Gram taking Dicey on the shopping trip indicate?

6. How does the current condition of the sailboat and Dicey's plans for it align with the current situation of the kids?

7. Dicey manages to do well in most of her classes but what is it that nags at her full enjoyment?

8. What does Gram's reaction about the kids in the attic reveal?

9. How is Dicey's thinking impacted when she learns Millie cannot read?

10. How does the time in Provincetown appear to have impact upon James as the school year gets underway?

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