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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What thought occurs to Dicey as she watches Sammy fill in at James' job?
(a) Sammy has a light, pleasant spirit that attracts others to him.
(b) Sammy is growing up too fast.
(c) Sammy is actually too young to fill in for James properly.
(d) The process of holding on to a person is time consuming.

2. What do Gram and Dicey agree upon about Maybeth's word lists and study assignments?
(a) Maybeth is a good student saddled with incompetent instructors.
(b) Maybeth deserves less study time, more time for herself.
(c) Maybeth is progressing at her own pace and will eventually catch up with others.
(d) Maybeth is not learning to read using that method.

3. What is Dicey's reaction as Gram silently reads the long letter?
(a) Dicey is impatient and fidgety.
(b) Dicey is angry at James.
(c) Dicey is happy for Maybeth.
(d) Dicey is angry at her father.

4. What is Gram's advice to Dicey as they conclude talking about Maybeth's note?
(a) Dicey has done a good job being responsible and should now take a rest.
(b) Dicey needs to give Maybeth room to grow.
(c) Dicey is not old enough to truly understand responsibility.
(d) Dicey should not think so much about the other kids.

5. What is James' first reaction to Maybeth's plight?
(a) He is irritated at Gram for allowing Maybeth to slack.
(b) He is pleased with himself that he is not as slow as Maybeth.
(c) He is irritated that Maybeth is not emotionally stronger.
(d) He is angry at himself for not realizing how Maybeth's struggles are affecting her.

Short Answer Questions

1. As they discuss school, what trait about James does Dicey remind herself ?

2. What is Dicey's reaction to Jeff's choice of song and lyrics he sings for her?

3. What is Gram's announcement that pleases the children?

4. What game is Sammy playing when he tries to bend the rules?

5. What is Mr. Lingerle's mood after staying with the kids all day Saturday?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dicey's surprise at being chosen as Mina's science class partner indicate about Dicey's frame of mind.

2. How does the time in Provincetown appear to have impact upon James as the school year gets underway?

3. What is the effect on Dicey when she returns from a brief time out to learn the kids have gone to bed for the night?

4. What does Sammy striving to be the perfect student ultimately lead to?

5. Dicey relaxes in the yard a few days before school is to begin and thinks about the future. What thoughts are most troubling?

6. When Sammy insist upon helping work on the sailboat, why does Dicey get irritated?

7. Why is Dicey not pleased with having to shop for bras?

8. What is the impact on Dicey when James gets his job delivering newspapers?

9. How is Dicey's thinking impacted when she learns Millie cannot read?

10. Why does Dicey stop to listen to Jeff play the guitar and sing, but never says much or stays very long?

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