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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gram's reaction to the offer of a ride to town for her and Dicey?
(a) Gram smiles and gratefully accepts the offer.
(b) Gram is not pleased because she does not like to be helped.
(c) Gram declines the offer and insists the boat will do fine.
(d) Gram becomes a little weepy and sniffles because of the kindness.

2. What does Gram announce at dinner on Halloween that pleases everyone at the table?
(a) Gram states she is delighted to have the children these past several weeks.
(b) Gram says the welfare people have sent extra money to celebrate Halloween.
(c) Gram states she believes in closing the book on things.
(d) Gram says she has baked a surprise Halloween cake.

3. What recent find in the barn distracts Dicey's thoughts toward a daydream?
(a) An old pickup truck.
(b) An old hunting rifle.
(c) A leather horse saddle.
(d) A small sailboat.

4. What image of her mother comes to her mind as Dicey is sitting alone on the dock at sunset?
(a) An image of her smiling mother in her gown on her wedding day.
(b) A photo of her mother from the Boston newspaper.
(c) A police photo of her mother's dazed face and short cropped hair.
(d) An image of her young mother laughing and running in the farm fields.

5. After some discussion among James, Gram, Mr. Lingerle and Dicey, what is the plan agreed upon for Maybeth.
(a) Maybeth needs more difficult word lists in order to progress.
(b) Maybeth needs more word lists to work on.
(c) Mr. Lingerle will go to the library to do some research.
(d) James will go to the library to do some research.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the young children do on Halloween when Gram and Dicey are not home?

2. What is the message in the note from Maybeth's teacher?

3. What is Gram's reaction to all the paperwork about welfare assistance?

4. What is it about Gram that Dicey realizes when she notices how Gram reacts to Maybeth's lateness?

5. What makes Dicey doubt that Maybeth might be retarded?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the current condition of the sailboat and Dicey's plans for it align with the current situation of the kids?

2. What does the reaction of Gram and Dicey to the suggestion of a tutor for Maybeth indicate?

3. When Maybeth is discouraged and upset by how others treat her, what does James' reaction indicate?

4. When Sammy insist upon helping work on the sailboat, why does Dicey get irritated?

5. Gram receives along letter from the doctor in Boston about Momma's condition. What are Dicey's thoughts when Gram tells her that there has been no change in Momma's condition?

6. How does the time in Provincetown appear to have impact upon James as the school year gets underway?

7. What does Dicey's decision about Maybeth's music lesson cost indicate?

8. What is the impact on Dicey when James gets his job delivering newspapers?

9. What does Gram taking Dicey on the shopping trip indicate?

10. Why does Dicey stop to listen to Jeff play the guitar and sing, but never says much or stays very long?

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