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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Dicey's reaction to the fact she might not need to meet with the teacher?
(a) She resents the lawyer's presence in their lives.
(b) She is angry at Gram.
(c) She thinks the school people are too intrusive.
(d) She is happy to not have the responsibility.

2. What is Gram's advice to Dicey as they conclude talking about Maybeth's note?
(a) Dicey should not think so much about the other kids.
(b) Dicey has done a good job being responsible and should now take a rest.
(c) Dicey needs to give Maybeth room to grow.
(d) Dicey is not old enough to truly understand responsibility.

3. What is it about Wilhemina Smiths that makes an impression on Dicey?
(a) Wilhemina is uncomfortable expressing her thoughts.
(b) Wilhemina seems to know the material without studying.
(c) Wilhemina has some insightful thoughts offered during English classes.
(d) Wilhemina responds as if she has taken the English class in the past.

4. During lunch at the mall, what does Gram report was the teacher's review of James?
(a) The teacher said James' work has gone down since the start of the school year.
(b) The teacher said James may need a tutor to help him stay current.
(c) The teacher said James is doing fine, right on course for grade level.
(d) The teacher said James needs to spend more time reading.

5. What advice from Gram does Dicey recall when she gets irritated with James?
(a) Gram says never speak in anger, always wait one full day.
(b) Gram says never tell a person the hurtful truth.
(c) Gram says always tell people exactly what you think about them.
(d) Gram says you have to hold on to people you love or they can slip away.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Sammy says Dicey never gets in trouble, what does Dicey say about her troubles.

2. Who befriends Dicey in science class and asks to partner with her?

3. What is the message in the note from Maybeth's teacher?

4. What does Gram do when she overhears James and Dicey whispering about the family Bible?

5. What is it about the history paper James writes that is different than the usual?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Gram's reaction about the kids in the attic reveal?

2. Why does Dicey begin the school year with a loner attitude and does not attempt to make any friends?

3. What does Sammy striving to be the perfect student ultimately lead to?

4. What is the impact on Gram's life now that the children have settled in at the farm?

5. Dicey relaxes in the yard a few days before school is to begin and thinks about the future. What thoughts are most troubling?

6. Why does Dicey stop to listen to Jeff play the guitar and sing, but never says much or stays very long?

7. How is Dicey's thinking impacted when she learns Millie cannot read?

8. How does the time in Provincetown appear to have impact upon James as the school year gets underway?

9. What does Dicey's actions regarding the home economics apron project reveal about her inner self?

10. What is the effect on Dicey when she returns from a brief time out to learn the kids have gone to bed for the night?

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