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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the common thread in the kids' background that seems to stifle true joy of life?
(a) Serious physical and mental illness is hereditary in the family.
(b) Their comfortable former life in Massachusetts can never be recaptured.
(c) They have always been poor and looked down upon.
(d) Hardships and loneliness are constant facts of their daily existence.

2. What happened with Sammy at school that Dicey finds reassuring and amusing?
(a) Sammy told several funny stories that got the teacher and students laughing.
(b) Sammy got his shoes wet, had to go shoeless inside school all day.
(c) Sammy and his friends were caught climbing in trees behind the school.
(d) Sammy lost a bet and had to kiss a girl, and he got detention when she screamed.

3. What does Gram do that is a big surprise for Sammy?
(a) She tells him they might get some chickens for the farm.
(b) She brings him up to the attic to see the storage trunks.
(c) She lets him drive the boat for a ride in the bay.
(d) She goes to his school at lunch recess and plays marbles with all the kids.

4. What is Gram's reaction to the suggestion she is a social oddball?
(a) Gram says how she lives her life is nobody's business.
(b) Gram says people have never gossiped about her or her family.
(c) Gram says she is the same as most people that live in the area.
(d) Gram says people have always liked and socialized with her.

5. What is Dicey's reaction to Mr. Chappelle's comments as she leaves the room?
(a) Dicey drops her bookbag and runs from the room.
(b) Tears well in her eyes as she keeps walking.
(c) Dicey does not react because what he says does not matter.
(d) Dicey stops and glares at him until he turns away from her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dicey come to realize as she and Gram end their conversation by the fire?

2. What does Dicey think is the most important aspect of an essay?

3. What is Gram's announcement concerning finances?

4. What is a comforting thought to Dicey as they sit at the table in the evening?

5. Though Liza seems not to notice, what does Gram sit and do?

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