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Wood Box

This object is meant to be purchased for the family use, however is given free of charge.

Chicken Carving

The store owner is impressed when Dicey buys this for Sammy.

Chess Set

This object is a Christmas present intended for James.

Silver Spoons

One of these is sold to raise cash for a trip.


This object is a source of information about the family.


This object is used often to bring the family together for relaxation.


This object initially attracts Dicey to Jeff.

Vocabulary Lists

This object proves to be ineffective for the purpose intended, so an alternative has to be tried.

Pilgrim Essay

Every person familiar with this object considers it superior in all respects.

Character Sketch

This object is an original creation mistakenly thought to be a copy from elsewhere.


This is undertaken as a project intended for Dicey's personal...

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