Dicey's Song Character Descriptions

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Dicey Tillerman

This character is young and strong and has the responsibilities of someone usually older and more settled in life.

Abigail 'Gram' Tillerman

This character is an eccentric personality who takes on responsibilities that become an overwhelming financial burden.

James Tillerman

This character is highly intelligent and quite resourceful in times of need.

Sammy Tillerman

This character is an assertive, combative individual always willing to physically fight to prevail in life.

Maybeth Tillerman

This character is by nature shy and withdrawn and has difficulty learning and retaining information.

Isaac Lingerle

This character is a virtuous person who helps in financial and non-financial ways.

Wilhemina 'Mina' Smiths

This character is highly intelligent and a strong ally when another is suspected of dishonesty.


This character is a talented guitar player who seemingly has some unnamed turmoil in life.

Liza Tillerman

This character is troubled by depression and deep...

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