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Short Answer Questions

1. What actually happens to the buried money?

2. Why is Pepys jealous of someone in January-June 1663?

3. What does Pepys think of a Midsummer Night's Dream?

4. What do Pepys and his wife go to see at the playhouse?

5. Who does Pepys send to live in the country?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pepys admit about a gift for his wife in January-June 1664?

2. Describe Pepys's reaction to his new financial status in July-December 1660.

3. Describe the political unrest in January-June 1668?

4. What kind of strange offer does Pepys get from his uncle for 500 pounds?

5. What causes Pepys to rejoice in January-June 1663?

6. Explain the struggle with Pepys's wife's companions in July-December 1663.

7. What happens when Pepys sees a shepherd with his son?

8. What does Pepys do to prepare for the possibility that he might be captured?

9. Explain what happens when Pepys arranges the private lessons for his wife.

10. Describe the coronation of the King.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Explain the symbolism of the coronation of the King in January-June 1661.

Essay Topic 2

Why do you think Pepys detailed the beatings of his staff so much? What reasons were given for these beatings, and were they accepted at the time? What does this say about him? How did it change your feelings about him?

Essay Topic 3

What are Pepys' views on adultery? Are there the same rules for husbands and wives? How does his opinion of Lord Sandwich's affair illustrate those views?

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