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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who takes singing lessons?
(a) Pepys's wife.
(b) Pepys' maid.
(c) The King.
(d) Will.

2. In anger, what does Pepys rip up in January -June 1663
(a) All of Will's paperwork.
(b) All of the Duke's paperwork.
(c) All of his wife's books.
(d) All of his wife's paperwork.

3. What is Sir Charles Sydly fined for his arrest?
(a) 1,000 pounds.
(b) 10,000 pounds.
(c) 5,000 pounds.
(d) He is not fined.

4. Despite the fact that he has a lot of money, what does Pepys begin to worry about in July-December 1660?
(a) His finances.
(b) The financial state of the Navy.
(c) The financial state of the city.
(d) The financial state of the country.

5. What does the person who Pepys calls do when he feels under the weather?
(a) Gives him a pep talk.
(b) Gives him a massage.
(c) Performs bloodletting.
(d) Gives him a day off.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the victim of the crime that Pepys's witnesses in January-June, 1664?

2. Pepys complains that a new maid hired by his wife is what?

3. Who spends time at Pepys's home grieving after the lung cancer death?

4. In July-December 1661, ambassadors of which countries fight?

5. In January-June 1661, what does the King perform publicly that makes him leave quite an impression with the public?

Short Essay Questions

1. What causes Pepys to rejoice in January-June 1663?

2. Describe Pepys's thoughts on the King's public healings of the sick.

3. Describe the way that Pepys and his wife fight.

4. Pepys also admits something horrible about a crime he witnessed. What did he admit?

5. Explain how Pepys gets new responsibilities in January-June 1665?

6. What is happening with Pepys relationship with his wife when July-December 1664 opens?

7. What is the meaning behind Pepys beginning to discipline the household staff?

8. Describe two things Pepys does in his spare time in January-June 1663.

9. How do Pepys and his wife show that they care very much about outward appearances in January-June 1661?

10. What happens when Pepys tours theaters backstage?

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