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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pepys petition in January-June 1668?
(a) That his cousin be given a divorce.
(b) That the war should end.
(c) That the Navy get more money.
(d) That his cousin's husband's death be ruled accidental.

2. Who returns to London to poor public support in January-June 1666?
(a) Lord Sandwich.
(b) Lady Lord Sandwich.
(c) The King.
(d) Pepys.

3. What does Pepys begin to worry about in January-June 1667?
(a) That he will be captured.
(b) That he will be poor again.
(c) That there will be another tornado.
(d) That there will be another fire.

4. In July-December 1667, where does Pepys vacation?
(a) In France.
(b) In the country.
(c) In Italy.
(d) On a boat.

5. In July-December 1666, how long has it been since some of the Navy men were paid?
(a) Five months.
(b) Five days.
(c) Five years.
(d) Five hours.

6. When Pepys and his wife were poorer, the wife had to help with what chores?
(a) Sweeping and ironing.
(b) Washing and cooking.
(c) Yard work and cooking.
(d) Dishes and laundry.

7. What does the mayor enact because of the plague?
(a) A ban on going to pubs.
(b) A ban on eating vegetables.
(c) A ban on drinking.
(d) A citywide curfew.

8. How much is Pepys worth at the end of 1664?
(a) Nothing.
(b) 5,000 pounds.
(c) 1,349 pounds.
(d) 1,439 pounds.

9. How much short are the household accounts in January-June 1665?
(a) Seven schillings.
(b) 17 schillings.
(c) 77 schillings.
(d) 70 schillings.

10. What happened to Pepys's cousin's husband?
(a) He has an affair with Pepys's wife.
(b) He joins the Dutch Navy.
(c) He throws himself into a fountain and dies.
(d) He divorces the cousin and runs off.

11. What did Pepys do to his wife in July-December 1664 that he is ashamed of ?
(a) Divorce her.
(b) Gave her a black eye.
(c) Publicly humilate her.
(d) Pushed her.

12. What does the New Year bring for residents in the city in January-June 1668?
(a) Snow.
(b) Loss of population.
(c) Another fire.
(d) Price hikes.

13. What is Pepys reasoning for only wearing the watch as long as he does?
(a) It once belonged to his brother.
(b) It once belonged to the King.
(c) It's a distraction.
(d) It doesn't match his outfit.

14. How does Pepys feel about bribes during July-December 1664?
(a) It's OK for others, but not for him.
(b) He does takes them.
(c) He returns them.
(d) He does not say how he feels.

15. With people either dying of the plague or leaving for the country, London looks what way?
(a) As it did two years ago.
(b) The same.
(c) Very full.
(d) Very deserted.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mr. Evelyn has what encased in a glass?

2. What treatment does Pepys get for the second time in July-December 1668?

3. What is the sum of Pepys wealth in January-June 1666?

4. No one can get into cemeteries except who?

5. Where is grass seeing growing tall after the plague hits?

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