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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through July-December, 1668.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Despite the fact that he has a lot of money, what does Pepys begin to worry about in July-December 1660?
(a) The financial state of the Navy.
(b) His finances.
(c) The financial state of the country.
(d) The financial state of the city.

2. When Pepys and his wife were poorer, the wife had to help with what chores?
(a) Yard work and cooking.
(b) Washing and cooking.
(c) Dishes and laundry.
(d) Sweeping and ironing.

3. What happens when Pepys tries to flirt with an attractive woman in July-December 1667?
(a) His wife tries to poke him with a pin.
(b) His father scolds him.
(c) He has an affair with her.
(d) He is caught by a neighbor.

4. Pepys complains that a new maid hired by his wife is what?
(a) Too pretty.
(b) Lazy.
(c) Ugly.
(d) Too messy.

5. What is Pepys reasoning for only wearing the watch as long as he does?
(a) It once belonged to his brother.
(b) It's a distraction.
(c) It once belonged to the King.
(d) It doesn't match his outfit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What event causes Pepys to suffer in the morning afterward?

2. What kind of vision aid does Pepys receive?

3. Once again in January-June 1662, how is Pepys planning to have a frugal life?

4. What does Pepys do each March?

5. In January-June 1662, why does Will continue to get punished?

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