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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through January-June, 1666.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In July-December 1661, ambassadors of which countries fight?
(a) France and Germany.
(b) France and Spain.
(c) Spain and Germany.
(d) Germany and England.

2. What does Pepys admit about the victim in the crime that he witnesses?
(a) That he wishes he was setting fire in the arson.
(b) That he never liked the murder victim.
(c) That he wishes he was in the rapist's place.
(d) That the victim deserved to be robbed.

3. What kind of problem does Pepys have with his wife when July-December 1664 opens?
(a) Her excessive spending.
(b) Her fashion.
(c) Her moods.
(d) Her cooking.

4. How does Pepys feel about bribes during July-December 1664?
(a) He does not say how he feels.
(b) He returns them.
(c) It's OK for others, but not for him.
(d) He does takes them.

5. How much does Pepys go into the funeral description of someone who died of lung cancer?
(a) At length.
(b) He says a little bit, but tells us there will be more later.
(c) He says nothing.
(d) He only says a little bit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pepys admit to doing in some of his meetings with the person who has final authority over the Navy?

2. What does Pepys think of the item encased in glass?

3. How much is Pepys worth at the end of 1664?

4. Who takes lessons with Pepys in in January-June 1663?

5. What milestone does Pepys forget in 1664?

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