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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through January-June, 1666.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In anger, what does Pepys rip up in January -June 1663
(a) All of his wife's paperwork.
(b) All of Will's paperwork.
(c) All of the Duke's paperwork.
(d) All of his wife's books.

2. What kind of problem does Pepys have with his wife when July-December 1664 opens?
(a) Her fashion.
(b) Her moods.
(c) Her cooking.
(d) Her excessive spending.

3. What does Pepys admit to doing in some of his meetings with the person who has final authority over the Navy?
(a) Drinking.
(b) Eating.
(c) Bluffing.
(d) Sleeping.

4. Which ship does Prince Rupert command?
(a) Pinta.
(b) Nina.
(c) Mary.
(d) Henretta.

5. What happens to those involved in resistance against the Royals?
(a) They are hanged and quartered.
(b) They are put on trial, but later released.
(c) They are shot.
(d) They are run out of town.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Knipp miss in January-June,1666?

2. Who spends time at Pepys's home grieving after the lung cancer death?

3. Who is the victim of the crime that Pepys's witnesses in January-June, 1664?

4. What does Pepys learn to do for himself in January-June, 1664?

5. With people either dying of the plague or leaving for the country, London looks what way?

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