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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through July-December, 1667.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What milestone does Pepys forget in 1664?
(a) His anniversary.
(b) His wife's birthday.
(c) His birthday.
(d) His father's birthday.

2. Who is promised a part of the buried treasure if found?
(a) Lord Sandwich.
(b) The King and the Duke.
(c) Pepys's wife.
(d) Pepys.

3. What does Mrs. Knipp miss in January-June,1666?
(a) A date.
(b) A party.
(c) An interview.
(d) An appointment.

4. Who does Pepys blame for the civil unrest?
(a) Pheasants.
(b) Religious fanatics.
(c) The King.
(d) Women.

5. At church, what does Pepys do after sermons?
(a) He rates them as to whether he likes them or not.
(b) He eats a hearty lunch.
(c) He goes to the King.
(d) He greets church members.

Short Answer Questions

1. What problem does Pepys mention for the first time in July-December 1667?

2. What does Pepys admit about the victim in the crime that he witnesses?

3. In November 1664, who does war begin between?

4. After the Navy men tire of waiting to be paid, what happens?

5. What is Sir Charles Sydly fined for his arrest?

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