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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through January-June, 1665.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much short are the household accounts in January-June 1665?
(a) 77 schillings.
(b) 17 schillings.
(c) 70 schillings.
(d) Seven schillings.

2. In anger, what does Pepys rip up in January -June 1663
(a) All of his wife's paperwork.
(b) All of the Duke's paperwork.
(c) All of his wife's books.
(d) All of Will's paperwork.

3. Mr. Evelyn has what encased in a glass?
(a) A bird.
(b) A coin.
(c) A bee.
(d) A boat.

4. Who dies of lung cancer in March 1664?
(a) One of the maids.
(b) Pepys's sister.
(c) Pepys's brother.
(d) Pepys's wife.

5. Where did Pepys get his watch?
(a) Lord Sandwich.
(b) It was a gift.
(c) He stole it.
(d) He bought it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the opinions of Pepys and his wife differ over the her new companion?

2. What is the highlight of January-June 1661, according to Pepys's account?

3. In January-June 1661, what does the King perform publicly that makes him leave quite an impression with the public?

4. For his wife in in January-June 1663, Pepys arranges what?

5. Who is honored with a boat parade on the Thames?

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