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Objective: January-June, 1660 The insight into the sides of the political and social arena that Pepys grants his reader are very rare. He offers unmatched honestly about everything he encounters, from politics to women. This lesson will study these insights.

1) Class discussion: What kinds of things do we as the readers learn about this time period based on the the first half of January-June 1660? About politics? About women? For example, when Pepys prepares to travel, he sends his wife to his father's home. What surprised you the most about this time period? Pepys seems to answer to Lord Sandwich. What else do you learn about the hierarchy of this time?

2) Groups: Pepys's wife has a household staff, but she still must do some household chores. Also, Pepys, not his wife, is in charge of the staff. Discuss what life is like for women in these times based on...

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