The Diary of Samuel Pepys Character Descriptions

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Sir William Batten - This character is the surveyor on the Naval Board.

Sir George Carteret - This character is the Treasurer on the Naval Board.

Lady Barbara Palmer Castlemaine - This character is quite cunning and manipulative in getting what he or she wants and finds a way into the King's court at White Hall.

Sir William Coventry - This character is the secretary to the Lord High Admiral at one time in the book, and at some point in his or her career, is also appointed one of the commissioners in the Navy.

Sir George Downing - This character is the original boss at the Exchequer.

First Earl of Sandwich - See Edward Montagu

Nell Gwyn - This character is one of the first of a certain gender to act in the new theater.

William Hewer - This character starts out a lowly servant...

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