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January-June, 1660

• The story opens with a short description of Pepys' personal life.

• He has a wife and has just celebrated the anniversary of what was then a major surgery.

• Life at sea starts out very similar to life on land, but rumors of the return of King Charles from exile quickly changes that.

• Lord Sandwich receives personal letters from the King and the Duke of York, and through seasickness and homesickness, Pepys leads many of the improvements.

• The guns of the ships are fired, in which Pepys personally fires one and nearly injures his eye.

July-December, 1660

• Pepys enjoys a nearly childlike excitement with his new financial status.

• He revels in the praise from his father about the appointments of the new house.

• The honor of attending court shows the increase in Pepys social status already, which only serves as a taste of his true ambitions.

• Pepys begins to...

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