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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anne put in Mr. Dussel's bed as a prank?
(a) A wet mop.
(b) A rag doll.
(c) Peter's cat.
(d) A dead rat.

2. Who does Anne say is the only person she loves?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Herself.
(c) Her father.
(d) Her sister.

3. What does Mrs. Van Daan criticize Mr. Dussel for during the first holiday celebrated while in hiding?
(a) He does not know about Hannukah.
(b) He falls asleep during the ritual.
(c) He complains about the lack of food.
(d) He celebrates Christian holidays.

4. What does Mr. Frank say is a benefit of what is happening day and night three months into the hiding?
(a) They will hear more news.
(b) The war will end sooner.
(c) There will be less hiding.
(d) The police will be too busy to find them.

5. Who gives Mrs. Van Daan her prized possession?
(a) Her father.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Her son.
(d) Her husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mr. Frank tell Anne there are no locks for?

2. What question does Anne ask Mrs. Van Daan about her life before her marriage?

3. What does Peter call Anne that makes her very angry?

4. What subject does Anne learn better than her father?

5. Who does Anne ask to sit with her on the night she wakes the entire house?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Frank do when he first enters the stage?

2. What happens when Mrs. Frank tries to comfort Anne after her nightmares?

3. What does Anne do as the doors of the hiding place are knocked down?

4. What does Miep show Mr. Frank before she leaves, and how does Mr. Frank respond?

5. Who divides up the remaining food after the thief has been caught, and what does Margot say about this?

6. What is the gift Anne makes for Margot on Hannukah?

7. What happens to Mr. Dussel after Peter and Anne finish their conversation on New Year's?

8. What does Anne tell her father when they are alone after her nightmare?

9. Where is Miep and what is she doing when the Franks are captured?

10. What does Mrs. Van Daan criticize Mr. Dussel for during the Hannukah celebration?

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