The Diary of Anne Frank Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Mr. Frank do when he first enters the stage?

When Mr. Frank first enters the stage, he comes through the upper floor through the small stairwell. Looking around he sees and picks up a woman's white glove and begins to cry.

2. Why does Mr. Frank say he is not staying in the city?

Mr. Frank says that he cannot stay in the city because everywhere he turns, he is haunted and tortured by old memories.

3. What does Miep show Mr. Frank before she leaves, and how does Mr. Frank respond?

Before she leaves the room, Miep tells Mr. Frank they found a pile of papers after he left. There are some letters, notes, and a notebook. Mr. Frank tells her to burn them until he sees the notebook. It is Anne's diary.

4. Why does Mr. Frank move to Holland?

Mr. Frank and his family were Jewish and were almost forced to immigrate to Holland when Hitler came to power. He made things very fearful for all Jews.

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