The Diary of Anne Frank Character Descriptions

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Jan Dussel - This character is the dentist in his fifties and set in his ways.

Anne Frank - This character is thirteen-years-old when her family goes into hiding. She is a rambunctious, precocious, friendly, talkative girl.

Edith Frank - This character is a reserved woman, and she believes that her daughters should be the same way.

Margot Frank - This character is eighteen-years-old when they first go into hiding. She is a reserved young woman who does her studies with her father and helps her mother with the chores.

Otto Frank - Of the eight occupants in the attic, only this character survives the concentration camps.

Miep Gies - This character becomes the lifeline to the attic occupants bringing them food, other necessities, and luxuries such as books.

Kraler - This character willingly risks his life to help his friend and former employer. His health...

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