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Act 1 Scene 1

• The scene is set as a small apartment that seems to have been ransacked. Mr. Frank comes on set, picks up a small woman's glove, and begins to weep.

• Miep, a 22-year-old pregnant girl comes in and comforts him, telling him not to torture himself with all the memories.

• Mr. Frank says he has to leave the city because he is so haunted by the memories of his dead family.

• Miep shows Mr. Frank a pile of papers she saved when they were taken away. He tells her to burn them, until he sees a notebook. It is Anne's diary. He reads it.

• Anne talks about how her family was forced to move to Holland when Hitler came into power in Germany. Mr. Frank had a spice import business until Germany took power in Holland as well.

• Jews were treated poorly. They had to wear yellow...

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