Diary of a Wimpy Kid Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Jeff Kinney
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Essay Topic 1

Throughout Greg's first week of school, the reader is given insight into Greg's personality through his experiences with other students. The reader also listens to Greg inner-voice, which shows how he perceives certain encounters. How do Greg's interactions with others during the first week of school give the reader insight into Greg's personality?

Essay Topic 2

On the Saturday after the first week of school, Greg says that, "Rowley is technically my best friend, but that is subject to change." Greg and Rowley have an interesting friendship, and Greg can be very mean to Rowley. In what ways does Greg disrespect Rowley and how do these interactions help shape Greg's personality in the reader's eyes?

Essay Topic 3

Greg's parents have differing punishment styles. In September, Greg's understanding of these differing styles leads Greg to act in particular ways. How does Greg describe both parenting styles, and what...

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