Objects & Places from Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School

Jeff Kinney
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This is something that Susan thinks her family spends too much time using and something that Greg does not think he can live without.


These are installed so Frank can keep an eye on Grandpa and his kids. Greg does not like these because they invade his privacy.


This is something Susan circulates in order to be able to have a no-electronics weekend in town.

Baby Wipes

These are a convenience that Greg thinks is one of the best inventions ever; he uses them whenever he can, and he takes several boxes when he goes to Hardscrabble instead of taking a raincoat.


This was supposed to be a part of a money-making venture, but ended up to be unprofitable because Greg did not have a recipe or understand how to make it.


This is something that Greg and Rowley sell when their first...

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