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Patricia Bosworth
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Short Answer Questions

1. After photographing her dead grandfather, she said, "I didn't really ______ him."

2. Diane's method of photography earned her the title of the "first _______."

3. According to Bosworth in the Afterword, how was Diane like so many other artists?

4. Diane's exhibit after her death was titled "Diane Arbus ________."

5. How did Diane and Allan give the illusion of still being together?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Allan was Diane's only husband whom she married while she was young and with whom she had two children. Allan both afforded Diane the life she wanted and prevented her from that life as well. Discuss Diane's relationship with Allan.

Essay Topic 2

Diane participated in risky behavior as a means to satisfy herself and to gain access to the subjects she desired. Discuss how Diane became inspired and at what price.

Essay Topic 3

History repeated itself in the Arbus family. Many aspects of Diane and Allan mirrored that of Diane's parents. Discuss Diane's drive in her family and the repercussions of her flawed childhood home.

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