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Patricia Bosworth
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Short Answer Questions

1. Through her classes with Black, how did Diane perceive her life?

2. How did Diane's parents feel about her relationship with Allan?

3. Bosworth explains the Arbuses complimented each other because Diane was ________.

4. Diane is described as being a _______ housewife.

5. Bosworth explains the Arbuses complemented each other because Allan was ________.

Short Essay Questions

1. How were Diane and Howard inclined toward art? Who encouraged this?

2. How was the Arbus family able to go to Europe? Why did they go?

3. By the end of Chapter 20, did Allan and Diane have a strong marriage?

4. Did Diane's "tying things up" before her death benefit her friends? Why or why not?

5. Why, in the early fifties, was it more difficult for Diane to have her work published? Why were magazines more attracted to her work later?

6. How did Diane and Howard feel about working at Russek's? What were their reasons for continuing to work there?

7. What is the overall message about Diane from Bosworth's biography?

8. Why was Diane jealous of Jane?

9. Was Diane a victim to Israel? Was it worth it for her to sacrifice so much for him?

10. What was Robert Frank's image of "America"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout her life, Diane had many mentors who helped her develop her vision. Discuss these mentors and what each offered to Diane and if they were a positive or negative influence on her art or her as a person.

Essay Topic 2

History repeated itself in the Arbus family. Many aspects of Diane and Allan mirrored that of Diane's parents. Discuss Diane's drive in her family and the repercussions of her flawed childhood home.

Essay Topic 3

Patricia Bosworth, the author, had a personal relationship with Diane Arbus allowing the reader to experience a personal side of the subject. Discuss how Bosworth's proximity to Arbus affected her recount of her life.

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