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Patricia Bosworth
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Short Answer Questions

1. Model and Diane were originally drawn to each other because of their common _______.

2. Howard envied Diane and Howard for ___________.

3. Diane wanted to escape the _______ of commercial photography.

4. After years of fashion photography, how did Allan feel about his career?

5. Why did Howard become depressed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Was Diane remorseful of her affair with Alex? Why or why not?

2. Why was Diane envious of Howard?

3. Was Diane a victim to Israel? Was it worth it for her to sacrifice so much for him?

4. How was Diane "the first paparazzi"? For her, was this a good title?

5. Did the Russek family achieve the American dream? How?

6. How did Diane's lifestyle with her artist friends fuel her creativity?

7. How did Diane compensate for Allan's absence after their divorce was final? Was she successful?

8. Was Europe a positive experience for Diane? How?

9. What piqued Diane's interests in the grotesque?

10. How did Diane and Allan manage to keep their relationship cordial as they grew apart?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Diane's life was full of infidelity. Judging from the reactions of those around her and her own reactions, her actions were a product of a larger problem. Discuss why Diane was unfaithful.

Essay Topic 2

There is a clear correlation between Diane's attitudes as a teenager and her photography as an adult. Discuss how Diane's art reflects Diane.

Essay Topic 3

Although Diane Arbus expressed a disdain for her own work shortly before her death, she also exhibited confidence in its value through her life. Discuss Diane's view and value of her own work and how it affected her actions.

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