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Patricia Bosworth
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Short Answer Questions

1. Eventually, Alex Eliot became editor of _______.

2. How did the Russeks earn enough money to start a fur shop?

3. When Frank Russek arrived in America, with whom did he live?

4. According to Bosworth, why did Cheech most adore Diane?

5. How did Diane experience the "real world"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Was Diane remorseful of her affair with Alex? Why or why not?

2. What piqued Diane's interests in the grotesque?

3. Was Diane good with children?

4. From her schooling at the Ethical Culture School, what were the philosophies that Diane was raised on?

5. Is Diane's documentation of the 60's thorough or narrow? How?

6. Was the Russek's store successful? How was it tried? How did it succeed?

7. How did Grosz work influence Diane?

8. How did Diane's family maintain the value of her work? Was this successful?

9. How were Diane and Howard inclined toward art? Who encouraged this?

10. Why was Diane envious of Howard?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

History repeated itself in the Arbus family. Many aspects of Diane and Allan mirrored that of Diane's parents. Discuss Diane's drive in her family and the repercussions of her flawed childhood home.

Essay Topic 2

Diane's work maintained its value because Doon decided to carefully control the distribution of her work. Diane was able to receive acclaim during her life by giving control of her artistic endeavors to Marvin Israel. Discuss the positives and negatives of Diane relinquishing control to others.

Essay Topic 3

Both Diane and her mother suffered from depression for very different reasons. Discuss Diane's depression. Was she a victim to it or just to herself? Why was she depressed?

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