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Patricia Bosworth
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Allan feel about the development of his acting career?
(a) He loved it.
(b) He felt like a failure.
(c) He had high hopes.
(d) He hated it.

2. Israel's paintings were described as "_______."
(a) Pitiful.
(b) Brilliant.
(c) Sinister.
(d) Beautiful.

3. Diane wanted to capture the "_________" of nudists.
(a) Absurdity.
(b) Earthiness.
(c) Inhibition.
(d) Beauty.

4. Why were publications unhappy with Diane's photos of celebrities?
(a) She made them likable.
(b) She photographed celebrity look-alikes.
(c) Her shots were unflattering.
(d) She picked lesser known people.

5. What did Diane experience after death?
(a) Fame.
(b) Grief.
(c) Irrelevance.
(d) Failure.

6. What word does Bosworth use to describe Arbus' role in her field?
(a) Trailblazer.
(b) Poster child.
(c) Irrelevant.
(d) Iconoclast.

7. Other than the United States, where was Diane's work exhibited after her death?
(a) Germany.
(b) France.
(c) Poland.
(d) Russia.

8. Other than subject matter, what did Diane alter in photography?
(a) Range.
(b) Marketing.
(c) Technique.
(d) Approach.

9. Why was Diane different than other artists?
(a) She revolutionized her genre.
(b) She cheated on her husband.
(c) She lived with other artists.
(d) She was famous.

10. Bosworth quotes Diane as saying, "These are things no one would see unless ________."
(a) The world existed.
(b) They read magazines.
(c) I photographed them.
(d) They lived in New York.

11. What interests did Israel and Diane have in common?
(a) Their infidelity.
(b) Their educational background.
(c) Their upbringing.
(d) Their fascination with the dangerous.

12. In Israel's opinion, why did Diane fail in the 50's?
(a) Her subject matter was unappealing.
(b) She was a woman.
(c) Her mannerisms were unprofessional.
(d) She had no technique.

13. Why did Diane give away her photos before she died?
(a) She felt they were worthless.
(b) She wanted to help her friends.
(c) It was a cry for help.
(d) She wanted to destroy her work.

14. What opportunity did Diane's risky behavior afford her?
(a) A new understanding of human nature.
(b) A new respect for her life.
(c) An insight into dangerous groups.
(d) A secret life.

15. How did Diane search out her subjects?
(a) By going to bars.
(b) By riding the subway at night.
(c) By attending parties.
(d) By looking at personal adds.

Short Answer Questions

1. Diane's photographs were carefully ________ by the estate.

2. How many photos did Esquire use of Diane's?

3. Diane's work is considered a thorough study of what?

4. Photographers of the 30's were described as "_______" recorders.

5. Diane's genre is called ________ photography.

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