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Patricia Bosworth
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why were the recipients of Diane's gifts considered "lucky"?
(a) They didn't meet Diane's same fate.
(b) They owned priceless works of art.
(c) They were clearly loved by Diane.
(d) They had something to boast about.

2. After photographing her dead grandfather, she said, "I didn't really ______ him."
(a) Adore.
(b) Hate.
(c) Like.
(d) Know.

3. Why did Diane give away her photos before she died?
(a) She wanted to destroy her work.
(b) It was a cry for help.
(c) She wanted to help her friends.
(d) She felt they were worthless.

4. What increased Diane's sense of urgency in succeeding in photography?
(a) She wanted to be more successful than Allan.
(b) It was a dying art.
(c) The world changed so rapidly.
(d) Art was dominated by men.

5. Bosworth quotes Diane as saying, "These are things no one would see unless ________."
(a) I photographed them.
(b) They lived in New York.
(c) They read magazines.
(d) The world existed.

6. What did Diane experience in her work during her life?
(a) Pleasure.
(b) Fear.
(c) Fame.
(d) Success.

7. As Diane became more immersed in photography, what was her strongest desire?
(a) Selling her work.
(b) Photographing celebrities.
(c) Shocking people.
(d) Learning to paint.

8. How did Diane and Allan give the illusion of still being together?
(a) By entertaining together.
(b) By sharing an apartment.
(c) By going on public dates.
(d) By having family photos.

9. What fundraiser were Diane and Bosworth attending in 1970?
(a) The War Relief.
(b) The Chicago Seven Defense.
(c) The Salvation Army.
(d) The Race for the Cure.

10. What interests did Israel and Diane have in common?
(a) Their infidelity.
(b) Their upbringing.
(c) Their fascination with the dangerous.
(d) Their educational background.

11. Whom was Diane photographing at the fundraiser?
(a) Algernon Black.
(b) Marvin israel.
(c) Abby Hoffman.
(d) Lisette Model.

12. According to Diane, what was the only true way to capture one's true nature?
(a) By photographing them without makeup.
(b) By posing them in a nice outfit.
(c) By evoking an emotional response.
(d) By letting them choose the location.

13. Allan and Diane maintained their business relationship, but what was gone?
(a) Passion.
(b) Inspiration.
(c) Civility.
(d) Money.

14. What control did Israel have over Diane?
(a) Her artistic endeavors.
(b) Her love life.
(c) He education.
(d) Her public appearances.

15. Why did the Arbus family release Diane's work over time?
(a) To maintain its value.
(b) They didn't have the time to exhibit.
(c) They didn't have the money for exhibitions.
(d) To honor her birthday every year.

Short Answer Questions

1. For how long would Diane photograph?

2. Israel's paintings were described as "_______."

3. Moondog worked as a _______.

4. In 1959, Esquire adopted a ______ approach to art.

5. In the Afterword, Bosworth refers to the 1960's as "_______."

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