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Patricia Bosworth
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After photographing her dead grandfather, she said, "I didn't really ______ him."
(a) Like.
(b) Hate.
(c) Know.
(d) Adore.

2. What interests did Israel and Diane have in common?
(a) Their educational background.
(b) Their upbringing.
(c) Their fascination with the dangerous.
(d) Their infidelity.

3. Why did the Arbus family release Diane's work over time?
(a) They didn't have the money for exhibitions.
(b) They didn't have the time to exhibit.
(c) To honor her birthday every year.
(d) To maintain its value.

4. Other than the United States, where was Diane's work exhibited after her death?
(a) France.
(b) Poland.
(c) Russia.
(d) Germany.

5. Israel and his wife are described as an _____ couple.
(a) Isolated.
(b) Eccentric.
(c) Loving.
(d) Odd.

6. How did Allan feel about the development of his acting career?
(a) He had high hopes.
(b) He hated it.
(c) He loved it.
(d) He felt like a failure.

7. Diane's genre is called ________ photography.
(a) Journalistic.
(b) Artistic.
(c) Professional.
(d) Documentary.

8. What first experience did Diane have from working with Esquire?
(a) Working without Allan.
(b) Working with other women.
(c) Being paid to photograph.
(d) Being independent of Israel.

9. What control did Israel have over Diane?
(a) Her love life.
(b) He education.
(c) Her public appearances.
(d) Her artistic endeavors.

10. Israel's paintings were described as "_______."
(a) Beautiful.
(b) Brilliant.
(c) Sinister.
(d) Pitiful.

11. As Diane's mental condition worsened, how did people describe her behavior?
(a) Passive.
(b) Drowzy.
(c) Schizophrenic.
(d) Romantic.

12. Photographers of the 30's were described as "_______" recorders.
(a) Aggressive.
(b) Tempestuous.
(c) Benevolent.
(d) Frivolous.

13. Moondog worked as a _______.
(a) Painter.
(b) Musician.
(c) Actor.
(d) Writer.

14. Why did Diane give away her photos before she died?
(a) She wanted to destroy her work.
(b) She felt they were worthless.
(c) She wanted to help her friends.
(d) It was a cry for help.

15. How did Diane capture emotional responses from her subjects?
(a) Watching them with their family.
(b) Engaging them in conversation.
(c) Telling them a sad story.
(d) Surprising them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Diane's specific assignment for the Esquire photo shoot was "_______."

2. Why did Diane befriend Moondog?

3. Diane's photographs were carefully ________ by the estate.

4. Why was Diane different than other artists?

5. How did Diane and Allan give the illusion of still being together?

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