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Patricia Bosworth
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What traditional philosophy was Diane's and Howard's relationship with their parents founded on?
(a) Adultery is wrong.
(b) Respect for one's elders.
(c) "Deed, not creed."
(d) Steal from the rich and give to the poor.

2. What about Cheech did Allan resent?
(a) Her immature attitude.
(b) Her loud parties.
(c) Her influence on Diane.
(d) Her homeless boyfriend.

3. As Diane matured into her teens, what did she develop?
(a) Depression.
(b) Strange habits.
(c) An angry streak.
(d) An imaginary life.

4. Why did Diane continue to work at Russek's?
(a) To see Allan.
(b) She had no other job.
(c) Her parents forced her.
(d) To earn money.

5. How did Gertrude's family feel about her marrying David?
(a) They were opposed to it.
(b) They arranged it.
(c) They were thrilled.
(d) They were indifferent.

6. How did Diane respond to the birth of her first child?
(a) She lavished her with attention.
(b) She ignored her.
(c) She wanted another.
(d) She became depressed.

7. After the affair, how did Diane feel?
(a) Guilty.
(b) Indifferent.
(c) Proud.
(d) Depressed.

8. Allan Arbus was the son of ______ immigrants.
(a) Russian.
(b) Polish.
(c) Swedish.
(d) German.

9. Where did Allan and Diane's fashion photography business start?
(a) Russeks.
(b) In Diane's basement.
(c) A warehouse in Brooklyn.
(d) At Parsons.

10. Allan decided to bring his family to Europe for a year because they needed ______.
(a) Money.
(b) Inspiration.
(c) Clothes.
(d) A break.

11. Bosworth explains the Arbuses complimented each other because Diane was ________.
(a) Introspective.
(b) Talkative.
(c) Reckless.
(d) Boring.

12. How did David and his brothers pay their rent?
(a) Selling postcards.
(b) Washing cars.
(c) Cleaning houses.
(d) Shining shoes.

13. Why did Diane and Allan decide to separate their professional lives?
(a) Diane destroyed the studio.
(b) Diane sued Allan.
(c) Diane cheated on him again.
(d) Diane had a breakdown.

14. What publication gave the Arbus' photography business its break?
(a) Vogue.
(b) Esquire Magazine.
(c) National Geographic.
(d) Glamour Magazine.

15. After the affair, how did Alex feel?
(a) Inspired.
(b) Furious.
(c) Happy.
(d) Guilt-ridden.

Short Answer Questions

1. Eventually, Alex Eliot became editor of _______.

2. When did the affair between Alex and Diane begin?

3. By 1958, what was Diane and Allan's marriage like?

4. The Arbus and Eliot family are described as being ________.

5. How did Diane meet Cheech McKenzie?

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