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Patricia Bosworth
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Model show Diane how to "see" photography?
(a) It was her heart.
(b) It was a poem.
(c) It was a way of life.
(d) It was just as valuable as painting.

2. David and Gertrude realized their children would be drawn to _______ pursuits in their career.
(a) Artistic.
(b) Retail.
(c) Academic.
(d) Profitable.

3. Why did Diane's father send her to art school one summer in Massachusetts?
(a) To show her the world.
(b) To nurture her talent.
(c) To help her get a scholarship.
(d) To keep her away from Allan.

4. Bosworth explains the Arbuses complemented each other because Allan was ________.
(a) Unusual.
(b) Clumsy.
(c) Kind.
(d) Rational.

5. What was Diane's responsibility in the photography business?
(a) Finding models.
(b) Designing the set.
(c) Developing the film.
(d) Taking the photos.

6. Algernon Black was Diane's philosophy of ______ teacher.
(a) Religion.
(b) Ethics.
(c) Art.
(d) Psychology.

7. Lisette Model was famous for photographing human "_______."
(a) Extremes.
(b) Kindness.
(c) Greed.
(d) Nature.

8. What drew Diane to Grosz's work?
(a) His flashy tricks.
(b) His unusual subjects.
(c) His controversy.
(d) His subtext.

9. How did Jane respond to Alex's relationship with the Arbuses?
(a) She was curious.
(b) She wasn't interested.
(c) She was thrilled.
(d) She despised them.

10. What publication gave the Arbus' photography business its break?
(a) Esquire Magazine.
(b) Vogue.
(c) National Geographic.
(d) Glamour Magazine.

11. Model said: "Photographs that demand admiration have a power to ______."
(a) Enlighten.
(b) Invigorate.
(c) Disturb.
(d) Inspire.

12. What made Diane jealous about Alex's and Jane's marriage?
(a) Jane had many children.
(b) Jane was talented.
(c) Alex was devoted to Jane.
(d) Alex was successful.

13. Why were Robert Frank's photos appealing to New Yorkers?
(a) He photographed their dream life.
(b) He photographed life unfamiliar to them.
(c) He photographed beautiful people.
(d) He photographed their familiar lives.

14. After the affair, how did Diane feel?
(a) Proud.
(b) Guilty.
(c) Depressed.
(d) Indifferent.

15. Gertrude is described as being ________.
(a) Generous.
(b) Self-absorbed.
(c) Eccentric.
(d) Cautious.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Diane develop depression when first marrying Allan?

2. After years of fashion photography, how did Allan feel about his career?

3. Diane pushed the limits of personal photography by photographing whom?

4. Since they were involved in Russek's, what kind of life were David and Gertrude able to lead?

5. Why did Diane continue to work at Russek's?

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