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Patricia Bosworth
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What risky behavior did Diane engage in with her new artist friends?
(a) Sex.
(b) Theft.
(c) Drugs.
(d) Dog fighting.

2. Diane and her friends were all raised like Jewish ______.
(a) Princesses.
(b) Warriors.
(c) Doctors.
(d) Refugees.

3. What impact did Alex have on Diane's faithfulness to Allan?
(a) He caused their temporary breakup.
(b) He made Diane love Allan more.
(c) He cause the failure of their marraige.
(d) None.

4. Lisette Model was famous for photographing human "_______."
(a) Kindness.
(b) Extremes.
(c) Greed.
(d) Nature.

5. What effect did the "call girl scandal" have on the Russek's family?
(a) It put them out of business.
(b) It damaged their lifestyle.
(c) No effect.
(d) It made them famous.

6. How did Gertrude's family feel about her marrying David?
(a) They were opposed to it.
(b) They were thrilled.
(c) They arranged it.
(d) They were indifferent.

7. Why did Diane's father send her to art school one summer in Massachusetts?
(a) To keep her away from Allan.
(b) To nurture her talent.
(c) To show her the world.
(d) To help her get a scholarship.

8. While in Europe, Diane discovered the _______ sides of cities.
(a) Beautiful.
(b) Seedier.
(c) Antique.
(d) Modern.

9. From where did the Russek family immigrate?
(a) Russia.
(b) Germany.
(c) Sweden.
(d) Poland.

10. Eventually, Alex Eliot became editor of _______.
(a) Harpers.
(b) Seventeen.
(c) Vogue.
(d) Time Magazine.

11. Diane pushed the limits of personal photography by photographing whom?
(a) Children.
(b) Homeless men.
(c) Herself.
(d) Her dead grandmother.

12. Why was Diane jealous of Howard?
(a) He lived an artistic lifestyle.
(b) He was wealthy and successful.
(c) He was talented.
(d) He was attractive and popular.

13. After the war, what profession did Howard pursue?
(a) Writing.
(b) Designing.
(c) Painting.
(d) Sales.

14. What made Diane jealous about Alex's and Jane's marriage?
(a) Jane had many children.
(b) Jane was talented.
(c) Alex was devoted to Jane.
(d) Alex was successful.

15. Diane was _______ in Allan's new social circle of actors.
(a) Criticized.
(b) Not welcome.
(c) Accepted.
(d) Ignored.

Short Answer Questions

1. After years of fashion photography, how did Allan feel about his career?

2. How did Diane experience the "real world"?

3. When Frank Russek arrived in America, with whom did he live?

4. David is described as being consumed by ______.

5. How was Diane's work received when she first submitted her portfolio?

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