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Patricia Bosworth
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From where did the Russek family immigrate?
(a) Germany.
(b) Poland.
(c) Sweden.
(d) Russia.

2. How did Diane meet Cheech McKenzie?
(a) She was her neighbor.
(b) She worked for Glamour.
(c) She interviewed to be a model.
(d) She saw her in a Broadway show.

3. When did the affair between Alex and Diane begin?
(a) On Diane's birthday.
(b) On vacation.
(c) When Allan was out of town.
(d) At the photo studio.

4. How did Diane's parents feel about her relationship with Allan?
(a) They were displeased.
(b) They were concerned for her safety.
(c) They were indifferent.
(d) They were thrilled.

5. What was Diane's relationship with her younger sister like?
(a) She used her to get free food.
(b) She lavished attention on her.
(c) She would pick on her.
(d) She ignored her.

6. While in Europe, Diane discovered the _______ sides of cities.
(a) Modern.
(b) Beautiful.
(c) Seedier.
(d) Antique.

7. Why was Diane jealous of Howard?
(a) He was talented.
(b) He was attractive and popular.
(c) He was wealthy and successful.
(d) He lived an artistic lifestyle.

8. When did Russek's begin its decline?
(a) During the depression.
(b) At the start of the war.
(c) After Howard quit.
(d) When a chain store opened.

9. Why did Diane develop depression when first marrying Allan?
(a) She missed her family.
(b) She had to abandon art.
(c) She had a miscarriage.
(d) He cheated on her.

10. Through her classes with Black, how did Diane perceive her life?
(a) It was perfect.
(b) It was too privileged.
(c) It was too sanitary.
(d) It was infinite.

11. Why did Russeks go out of business?
(a) People wanted a more casual lifestyle.
(b) They were robbed.
(c) David was spending recklessly.
(d) A competitor opened next door.

12. Diane is described as being popular, outgoing, and _______.
(a) Friendly.
(b) Mean.
(c) Domineering.
(d) Solitary.

13. David and Gertrude realized their children would be drawn to _______ pursuits in their career.
(a) Artistic.
(b) Retail.
(c) Profitable.
(d) Academic.

14. How did Diane's mother make their home difficult?
(a) She drank all the time.
(b) She suffered from depression.
(c) She was violent.
(d) She spent all their money.

15. According to Bosworth, why did Cheech most adore Diane?
(a) Diane never criticized her.
(b) Diane was a free spirit.
(c) She never expected anything of her.
(d) Diane was her muse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What risky behavior did Diane engage in with her new artist friends?

2. Why did Diane's father send her to art school one summer in Massachusetts?

3. Why did Diane and Allan decide to separate their professional lives?

4. Bosworth explains the Arbuses complemented each other because Allan was ________.

5. How did Diane respond to the birth of her first child?

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