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Patricia Bosworth
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 1-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Diane develop depression when first marrying Allan?
(a) She had to abandon art.
(b) She missed her family.
(c) He cheated on her.
(d) She had a miscarriage.

2. How did David expand Russek's?
(a) By adding a shoe department.
(b) By adding a women's clothing line.
(c) By hiring beautiful saleswomen.
(d) By opening another store.

3. As Diane matured into her teens, what did she develop?
(a) Depression.
(b) An angry streak.
(c) Strange habits.
(d) An imaginary life.

4. What impact did Alex have on Diane's faithfulness to Allan?
(a) He cause the failure of their marraige.
(b) He made Diane love Allan more.
(c) None.
(d) He caused their temporary breakup.

5. As children, what was the relationship like between Diane and Howard?
(a) They hated each other.
(b) They ignored each other.
(c) They were inseparable.
(d) They were each other's crutch.

Short Answer Questions

1. Diane and her friends were all raised like Jewish ______.

2. Why did Diane continue to work at Russek's?

3. How did the Russeks earn enough money to start a fur shop?

4. How did David and his brothers pay their rent?

5. What was Diane's relationship with her younger sister like?

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