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Patricia Bosworth
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Towards the late 50's, Diane felt like she was at a _________ phase in her life.
(a) New.
(b) Crazy.
(c) Stagnant.
(d) Productive.

2. What was Diane's responsibility in the photography business?
(a) Taking the photos.
(b) Developing the film.
(c) Designing the set.
(d) Finding models.

3. After taking classes from Model, what was Diane determined to photograph?
(a) Landscapes.
(b) Models.
(c) Celebrities.
(d) The forbidden.

4. How did Diane's father make their home difficult?
(a) He was abusive to his wife.
(b) He was always drunk.
(c) He had many affairs.
(d) He neglected the children.

5. How did Model show Diane how to "see" photography?
(a) It was her heart.
(b) It was a way of life.
(c) It was a poem.
(d) It was just as valuable as painting.

Short Answer Questions

1. David is described as being consumed by ______.

2. Diane was _______ in Allan's new social circle of actors.

3. Where did Allan and Diane's fashion photography business start?

4. Why did Diane develop depression when first marrying Allan?

5. How did Jane respond to Alex's relationship with the Arbuses?

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