Daily Lessons for Teaching Diane Arbus: A Biography

Patricia Bosworth
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Objective: Chapters 1-8 Diane Arbus is the subject of this biography. Diane was a famously bizarre photographer in the 40's. The first chapters of the book introduce the reader to her nature. In this lesson, discuss the basic skeleton of Diane Arbus to lay the foundation for the book.

1) Data Collection: Ask the students to review the first chapters of the book and name adjectives which describe Diane. Ask students to hone in on aspects of Diane which apply from her youth into her adulthood.

2) Class Discussion: Ask students to attempt to describe Diane. Is she easy to describe? Why or why not? Living in the 21st century, how do you see the lasting effect of Diane Arbus? Are there other historical figures you can relate to Diane Arbus? Current figures? Do you see Diane Arbus as focusing more on art or cultural commentary? What do you...

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