Diane Arbus: A Biography Fun Activities

Patricia Bosworth
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Write a script for the scene of Diane and Bosworth on the roof of the Chicago Seven Defense Fund and perform it.


Write and perform a song about Diane Arbus.


Write a poem reflecting Diane's personality.

How To Manual

Write a "How To" manual on how to be a documentary photographer based on Diane Arbus's technique.

Board Game

Make a board game for Diane Arbus' life.


Select a moment from Diane's life in Bosworth's biography where Bosworth is clearly biased. Rewrite that moment of Diane's life in a different tone and from a different perspective.


Take a photograph that you feel is in the style of Arbus.


Select a famous portrait of Diane's, and make the outfit to dress like the subject.

Comic Book

Make a comic book version of Diane Arbus' biography.


Select a period in Diane's life and write...

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