Diane Arbus: A Biography Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Patricia Bosworth
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Essay Topic 1

Diane experiences some success during her life, but she achieved true fame after her death. In that way, she is similar to other artists. However, Diane revolutionized her genre, making her even more relevant to art. Discuss how Diane came to be successful in her life and famous after her death. What did Diane herself and the standards of the time influence how she was received?

Essay Topic 2

In several ways, Diane compromised herself and her art for mainstream and normalcy. She did this first with her marriage to Allan and second with getting her work published. In ways, these choices helped her gain what she desired but also inhibited her. Discuss Diane's compromise for the mainstream and normalcy. Was this contrary to her nature or a means to an end? Was she faithful to herself or her art?

Essay Topic 3

Diane was famous for her...

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