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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20, Flames Coming Out of the Top; Chapter 21, 'Nothing Propinks Like Propinquity'.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What brand of beer does Bond want to drink at Scotts?
(a) Speckled Hen
(b) Black Velvet
(c) Stella Artois
(d) London Pride

2. Where does Leiter say Shy Smile will be at 5 am?
(a) The stable
(b) The practice track
(c) The highway
(d) The race track

3. How does Bond set the pursuing car alight?
(a) Throws a grenade
(b) Shoots at it
(c) Throws a fire bomb
(d) Forces it to crash

4. Who meets Bond at the airport?
(a) Earnest Cureo
(b) Tiffany Case
(c) Shady Tree
(d) Felix Leiter

5. What make of car does Leiter have?
(a) A Volkswagon
(b) A Cadillac
(c) A Studillac
(d) A Volvo

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Bond meet Vallance?

2. Who did Leiter once work for?

3. Who does M say will not be help to them?

4. Who watches Bond win money on roulette?

5. What kind of flower does the Jewish man have in his buttonhole?

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